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We pride ourselves in being able to provide the services below for an average of $50/Acre.


Aerial LiDAR Services

  • Data Collection & Processing
    • Point Cloud Feature Extraction
    • Contouring & DTM Generation from LiDAR Data
      • Ortho Imagery Overlays w Contouring
    • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Services
    • Horizontal & Vertical Control Adjustments to Data
    • All Data Tailored to Client’s Individual Needs
    • Exports and Deliverables in any Client Specified Formatting

***For more information regarding LiDAR services or your upcoming projects; please feel free to contact us at any time.***

Aerial Photogrammetry & Ortho Imagery

  • Aerial Imagery Collection & Processing
  • Orthomosaics & Overlays w LiDAR Data
  • 5-2.0 Cm/Pixel Resolution
  • Image Rectification and Control Point Adjustments
  • Imagery Deliverables Provided in Client Specified Format (Google Map Tiles, PDF, ECW, Geotiff, etc.)

Aerial Thermal Imaging and Orthomosaic Generation

  • FLiR Thermal Imagery Collection & Processing for Orthomosaics
  • Aerial Thermal Imagery Inspections
    • Please contact us for more detail regarding these services.